We GET (Recruitment Services)

Our recruitment services have been renowned and widely accepted to be both “responsible” and “professional”. They can be best summarized as follows:

Telford Manpower strive to provide a comprehensive recruitment service so as to give you a peace of mind when recruiting foreign skilled workers. Beginning from the sourcing for appropriate recruitment location(s) and suitable candidates to meet your recruitment criteria, we use our resources and expertise to your advantage.
During the recruitment, we provide the administrative support & assistance for work-permit application and other recruitment-related activities. Following the workers' employment with your company, we will continue to provide follow-up services such as renewal of work permit, banker’s guarantee, insurance guarantee and security bond, repatriation, etc.
Apart from administrative services, we also provide worker management and hostel management services.

Hassle Free Process
It is the aim of Telford Manpower to free you from the administrative hassles of the recruitment process. As such, we undertake the responsibility for:
• Pre-interview arrangements such as flight and accommodation arrangements, VISA applications, etc.
• Shortlisting of suitable candidates prior to your interview to minimize time wastage on mismatched candidates;
• All administrative and other necessary arrangements during the interview;
• Preparation and compilation of all documents for work-permit or employment pass applications;
• Application of Banker’s / Insurance guarantee and security bond under the Work Permit Scheme;
• Pre-employment medical check-up;
• Collection of work-permits or employment passes;
• Hostel arrangements and maintenance;

Negligible Recruitment Costs
Telford Manpower will bear most of the recruitment costs, which includes:
• Air-tickets (economy class) for your company representatives for the interview and selection of skilled workers and professionals (for recruitment of 10 workers per batch).
• Cost of all interview arrangements, including hotel, interview location, transportation, etc.
• Translation of documents for applications of work-permits or employment passes.
• Accommodation arrangements for skilled workers and professionals including housing agents’ commission & stamping fee.
• Opening of bank accounts, arrangements for pre-employment medical check-up and basic orientation to the surrounding areas of the company and hostels upon arrival into Singapore.
• Insurance or banker’s guarantee for work permit holders (S$103 to S$150 per worker for the 26 months coverage).
• Pre-employment medical check-up for both work permit and employment pass holders in Singapore (about S$40 per worker).